Wickfest 2.0 Performance in Surrey BC, January 2020

Wickfest 2.0 Performance in Surrey BC, January 2020

Wickfest 2.0

What could follow Wickfest 2019 in Calgary? Wickfest 2020 in Surrey B.C!  When Hayley asked if I would think about coming out to BC to perform there was nothing to think about – the answer was yes!

Whoa. No words to describe how incredible this experience was.  Well, there will be words as this is a blog :-) but initially when I thought of what I could write after coming home, I thought, how do you describe one of the most amazing experiences I have had so far? I want to share my journey with you all as a performer and someone who is grateful for these incredible experiences.

All of my performances before this, I have sang a few songs, as part of a show that would have other performers. This time I was the show!  Over 500 girls crammed in a room and I had a full set, 10 songs, encores prepared, and I was so ready to entertain and share my music… but I could not have been prepared for the experience it turned into.

The energy, the love, the feeling of everyone in the room singing along with me was incredible! 

Watch the whole thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMNnHZUXdOQ

Thank you so much!  And the crowd even picked up one of my new songs so fast! To hear everyone singing along to my songs I wrote, was the best gift ever!  I sing because in a song I can share so much, but this time it was you who shared so much with me! I was overwhelmed by how quickly the stage felt like home and how welcomed you made me feel!  To everyone who stayed after to come up and say hi to me I will never forget you!

Thank you Hayley, thank you Wickfest for the best time ever!!